About the Show

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The sea – full of mystery and adventure; Capt. Ron’s Ocean Explorer takes you there. This carefully thought out thirty minute program that entertains, informs, and captivates by bringing the wonders of the sea in your living room. Each episode Capt. Ron takes the viewers on an interactive, informative, upbeat and adventurous exploration.

Journey down a Florida river in search of million-year-old fossils, dive the warm Gulf waters in search of the elusive spiny lobster, search for fresh sea scallops in Florida Bay, Spear fish the deep blue waters hunting for hogfish, grouper, snapper or other sustainable species, realize the headwaters of the”fountain of youth” by diving the mythical world of Florida’s fresh water springs. With Captain Ron’s amazing, almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things aquatic, he teaches while he entertains. Whether it’s learning proper technique for “tickling” lobsters, or why the beaches are disappearing, Capt. Ron’s Ocean Explorer mixes the host’s adventuresome spirit and love of the water with a fun, action-packed educational experience.

From above or below the water, Captain Ron’s Ocean Explorer will put you in the action. With over 110 million households watching weekly, this is a television series you can’t afford the opportunity to miss.